Monday, July 26, 2010

We LOVE gramma and grampa time!!

I don't know how time does it... 
the week gramma and grampa were here literally felt like a day.
We had such a blast with them!

Joshy loved his snuggle time

Sarah loved the trip time 
(Nauvoo trip - viewing the site where the saints crossed the river on that cold February day)

Seth loved challenging grampa to a game of 'guitar hero'
(and Ben 'helping' grampa through "The Eye of the Tiger")

Lizzy Really,

Loved cookie time
(which with Grampa, was plentiful!)

Jerry loved the building time
(we put Grampa to work!  Three projects in three days...
He's going to need a vacation from his vacation!
Thank you so much Grampa!!
We now have:
Steps to the trampoline,
Shelves in the basement (that were filled up about 5 minutes after completion... when did you say you were coming back out?!)
and a ski rack in the garage...
(now we just need 'Santa' to fill the ski rack this Christmas...)

One of the Nauvoo highlights was definitely the horse ride by Gramma and Grampa's friend, President Hill.  He kept us spell bound for the entire hour as we toured less-known sectors of Nauvoo.

Our trip to Carthage - this one is the one that gets
me the most on the Nauvoo trip... the feeling there
can't really be described in mere words...

Grampa showing some of his 'magic' for the family home evening activity - the kids were in awe!!
What a rare treat to be able to go to the Newly restored Nauvoo temple.
Mom and dad did a session, then graciously watched the kiddos so we could do a session together
It was amazing!!

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Mary Jane said...

How fun for you! Your folks are wonderful people! Tell them hi from me. :)