Tuesday, July 6, 2010

oh... crap!

... is a bad habit I have been trying to break.
I've transitioned myself into word choices such as
oh man!
oh mylanta! (this one I heard Josh repeating in exasperation when baby Elizabeth was trying to un-build his lego creation)
and just plain aaagggg!

... but today,
there simply was no substitute.

you see, we are neck deep into potty training mode around these parts.

... so far we have been hit and miss...
... some good days
... some .. not so good days,
(you see where this is going... those with weaker stomachs are invited to exit the blog now...)

but none have been quite like today...

Mom, "Hey Josh, do you want to wear you big boy underwear today?"
Josh (with all the gusto his two year old body could expound), "YES!!!"
Mom, "So, when you need to go pee, where are you going to go?"
Josh, "In my potty!!"
Mom, "awesome!  When you need to go poop, where are you going to go??"
Josh, "In my potty!!"
Mom, "awesome!"
...and then I proceed to do the 5 minute 'checks'  i.e. "Hey, Joshy, do you need to go potty?"

issue #1 - I walk into the kitchen to find him squatting on the ground, playing with leggos, doing his 'potty grunt'
mom, "Hey, Joshy, do you need to go potty?"
Josh, "jus a minute, mommy, I not done going poopy..."
mom quickly picks him up, and takes to bathroom to finish the job.
Set Joshy on potty, rinse out undies, go put them in laundry room.
Come back to bathroom to find Joshy on the FLOOR in the middle of not one, not two, but THREE available potty choices (two of his training potties are currently in that bathroom)... on the floor, squatting to 'finish the job'
mom, "What are you doing??!"
Pick him up, place back on one of his potties.  Clean up mess #2. walk upstairs to get another pair of undies.  Come back down to find him once again on the FLOOR finishing the job, and had tried to wipe some of it up with tp, which smeared it everywhere, then steps in it and slightly slips...
... at which time I scoop him up, and b-line it to the shower.
... all clean and before getting into big boy undies again, I find him squatting by the chairs on the CARPET.  Pick him up and step in something oddly oozy and wet...
... and take him directly to the diaper station.

yep, some days, no other word will do.

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