Sunday, July 4, 2010


Fourth of July...???
Yep - in typical Minnesota Fashion, we went from sweltering humid heat yesterday,
To Freezing cold rain today.
Go figure

At Least we got some of our fireworks lit last night
Yes, It was July 3rd.
If you know my hubby,
and you know me,
the following SAT-type sentence will make perfect sense:
Jerry is to July 4th Fireworks As Jen is to Christmas Music
As in...
I have been known to break out the Christmas music as early as September
(okay, there was one year that it has been heard around our general vicinity in July... but I'll stick to the 5th on that one...)
And Jerry, 
Well, fireworks have been heard around our general vicinity as early as January.

So last night was more like a '4th of July Eve' for Jerry...
ya know... like getting to open a present (or two) on Christmas Eve
He got to light off a firework (or two... or twenty...) on 4th of July Eve.

And for my benefit, He did start out pretty tame

But pretty soon, it was onto the "Wyoming Specials"

the kids loved it

Including Elizabeth, who made her firework watching debut...

and me?  Well, I only screamed a few times...

... except for the one shriek...
when the launcher tipped over and shot a launching firework directly at our neighbors house, 
then turned and launched one right at our mailbox
then turned and would have launched one right into the garage, but it ran out of ammunition
(it was a pretty long shriek)

Yep, 4th of July 
Never a dull moment around these parts.



Sue Howe said...

Oh, so good Jen, thank you for posting these pictures. It is always so good to see the grandchildren, especially in coats, we were 61 degrees high yesterday with rain, BRRRRRRR, from 93 high last week. Too extreme for me. Ask Jerry about the fireworks that landed under his red fast back toyota in our parking area out front of our old home, and the bottle rockets that lit on the roof of all the houses in the neighborhood! (Don't ever get any of your children a sports car when they turn 16, especially a red one. Jerry got a ticket the day of his birthday, first day he drove) not a good idea.

Robin Conner said...

laughing laughing laughing! Ahhh, fun times!

Steph & Wade said...

I wish we could have been there to see it! Go Jerry! A dermatologist who loves fireworks? Who would have guessed. :)