Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh Fudge!

Yep, we love us some fudge around these parts.
Though we usually limit it to the holiday season,
There are some rare occasions in which brownies just don't cut the chocolate craving.
Sunday was one of those days.
Jerry was in the middle of his second trip in 2 weeks time
We were in the middle of moving
Had just started soccer season for 2 kids,
And had picture day for said soccer kids
And watched two soccer games in the bitter cold freezing wind
And still having car issues
Yep, come Sunday, it was a 'we need more than chocolate' chocolate days.
It was a fudge day

I must have felt the premonition coming on, because throughout the week, I made sure that we had the ingredients on hand for our "better than brother-in-law's-fudge" (yes, John I said it, and yes, it really is :) ).

If you've ever entered the realm of homemade fudge making, you have learned that fudge tastes the absolute best right after it's mixed, (yes, we have had a few burned tongues in our house over not being able to wait even 60 seconds longer for this deliciously delectable moment)
the kids have at times come to near blows over who gets which mixing tool to lick clean

It is not beneath them to find a little hide out to indulge in the spoils in solitude
(which I only charge them a few licks in order to keep my silence about their hideout - hey when it comes to fresh fudge, even I will sink to new lows :) ).

And some will even try to sneak snatches of the motherload before it's yet set

Joshy got a bit perplexed when he went for his 3rd snatching, and it had been moved...

... and soon discovered the new hiding place...

Yep... gotta love fudge.

Have you had your fudge fix today?


Shan said...

Oh, that fudge looks fantastically yummy! And cute to see the kiddos all happily licking their fudge and looking for more. Your new kitchen looks so beautiful and roomy!! I bet it is extra nice cooking in there.

Fulkerson Clan said...

mmmm, fudge. i'm way more into eating it than making it, looks like your kids feel the same way. lol :D