Sunday, May 2, 2010

If you have your kids help you move...

... and you don't have boxes labeled really well
... and have them just grab whatever they can load and unload
... and they happen to look in some of the boxes
... they may just find the "presents to give" box
... and the action figures that were on the docket for the next winterland holiday
... have suddenly become "movingland holiday" presents...

Hey, it kept them busy while I got some of the boxes unpacked - it's all good :)


Sue Howe said...

Great to see the children playing with toys that have been put away for a while. Just like Christmas all over again.

Jen you are incredible in all you do. Moving and setting up everything. You are the best mom, wife and daughter. Love you Grama Sue

怡妹 said...


Hanne said...

oops...are you saying I should have CLEARLY labeled my boxes? I might have to go out to our storage unit to work on that:)