Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Musings...

Hubby and I were talking yesterday and he was telling me about a program he had heard on NPR about happiness of people, and the program was stating some statistics about how couples who never had children were happier than those who did have children.

Whoever measured the happiness scale on those studies was WAY off.

WAY, WAY off.
Motherhood is hard
Motherhood is repetitive (don't sit on the baby. I said don't sit on the baby. I SAID DON'T sit on the baby... don't hit him. I said don't hit him. I SAID don't hit him!!... you get the idea)
Motherhood is dirty (how many bodily fluids can a human being possibly be covered in during the course of 24 hours?! Only a mother could answer that without kicking in the gag reflexes... and with a perfectly straight face... and be completely unfazed by the astronomical number).
Motherhood is slow (come to the car. Please come to the car. I said come to the car. COME TO THE CAR RIGHT NOW... ) (Did I mention repetitive?!)
Motherhood is fast (just incase the scream really IS for real this time...)
Motherhood is painful (nursing a newborn infant. Need I say more??!)
Motherhood is squishy (why is it that when you sit down to nurse, 4 other kiddos suddenly want to snuggle with you?!)
Motherhood is tiring, no fatiguing, no exhausting (3 am feedings, 4 am "I'm scared" snugglings, 6 am "Is it morning yet?" breakfastings)
Motherhood is gutwrenching (try holding a 6 month old down for shots, look into her pain-filled-what-are-you-doing-to-me-eyes and not want to cry yourself! Or watching your little ones skip off to school for the first time and try to keep your own tears from falling)

Motherhood is... well... pretty much indescribable.

I don't think I've ever felt so many emotions during the course of a single day. Or a Single Hour. Or even a single minute.

But one thing is at the base of it all: and that is Happiness. Yes. Pure undefiled Joy and Happiness at the thought of seeing my children all around me.

At the end of the day, with all of the ups and downs,

Yes, Motherhood is HAPPINESS

Especially when you can see yourself for a moment through they eyes of your sweet daughter...
and you really like what you see:

Okay, you really have to enlarge this one and look at the blue line...
Yep, I LOVE motherhood.
NPR studies got it wrong.
And that's all I have to say about that.



Jolene said...

Jen, you could not have send it better! So true! Thanks for the good laugh!

Robin Conner said...

Loved it! You are so talented in your writing! I agree 100% with the happiness thing. Only people who have had kids know the difference between real joy. You never know real love and sacrifice until you've had your own children. Motherhood is priceless. THank you for sharing. I'll probably end up posting a link to this blog post of yours on my blog. Love you, and loved the fudge post too! looked sooooo yummy!