Monday, March 8, 2010

I am convinced...

That the bodies which belong to 5th children are put through a more rigorous pre-spirit filled qualifying test, and must be made of a more durable fabric than the average every-day body.
... the bodies must pass extra tests of being stretched, squeezed, squished, kissed, grabbed, stickied, and just plain used and abused.

I am convinced that the spirits which come to those over-tested bodies are also put through some pre-life qualifications themselves, including extra doses of patience, long-suffering, smiles, and unconditional love.

Otherwise, there is no way that 5th children (or the mother of 5th children) would ever live to see their first birthdays with any sort of sanity in tact.

... and that's all I have to say about that.


Deanna said...

Jen - she is so precous! I totally agree that these poor kids who come later in the family and have to deal with the older kids are so much tougher. And, as a 5th child myself, I have to agree with the extra sweetness :-)

Julie said...

Amen! Mom always said she didn't know how I survived being right after David...luckily he turned out ok and I'm probably stronger for it!