Monday, March 8, 2010

The 70's called...

... and they wanted their disco ball knobs back.
Seriously, they are DISCO BALL KNOBS.

And I have lived with them for 5 years.
Along with a yellow kitchen.
Yes, I said yellow kitchen. With antiquing on the cabinets (that one realtor thought was dirt...).

So of course, 2 months before we leave, I finally get the overwhelming desire to completely repaint the kitchen. (?!)

So, this weekend, I did the deed.

Took down the cabinets
and Rehung

and of course, once the cabinets were done, I had to do the walls.
Add in some super cute photography by an uber-talented and super-creative friend (Thanks, Jolene!!)

... and the look is complete.

I can walk into my kitchen without shuttering
And cook in peace
... for the next two months.


Jolene said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! It just looks awesome!!

Julie said...

So - are you selling your house or just renting it?

Brewer Bunch said...

probably just renting