Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome Home!

Grama and Gramps "Mission" made it back to American Soil on Friday... and headed home to the place that I has been my 'home' since birth...

Wow - you may look at this and see just another house.
I look at this and am flooded with countless memories of a lifetime of
*comings and goings
*entering and exitings
*tearful goodbyes
*joyful hellos
*pictures on the porch
*learning volley ball from my big sis
on the front lawn
*learning the coolest basketball 'fake' move
from my big brother in the driveway
*many sleepovers on the tramp in the back
*neighborhood conglomerations concocting all
sorts of games and adventures
around the premises
*running in the door with exciting news
*making it to the door before the tears
fell with sad news
*feeling the unmistakable cling of steam hit you at the door and knowing it was 'canning night'
*seeing the soothing blue christmas lights surround the beautiful white tree in the window on a serene winter night and knowing you truly were 'home for Christmas'
*beautiful sunrises from the kitchen window
*exotic sunsets from the front porch
*family movie nights
*late night talks
*amazing home cooked meals
*snuggle time

It's what life is all about.
Thank you, mom and dad, for telling me with your words, but more importantly for teaching me with your actions.
Welcome Home
I love you


Walt and Eileen said... have me crying with this one. You are still a great writer!
In all your free time you should write a book.
Thanks for the kind words and the welcome home.
Love, Mom
I'll have Dad come and read it now.

Sue Howe said...

Jen you are such a sweet daughter to your mom and dad, Brother and Sister Petersen.

Thank you for sharing all those wonderful things about your home and growing up there.

you are so special. Love you so much!

Robin Conner said...

So sweet! Glad they made it back safe and sound! yay!