Saturday, January 30, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Hot showers on cold days
Finding the perfect accent color to finish off the living room wall decorations
Freshly backed bread, hot out of the oven
(except when preggo; then, ironically, this smell sends me lurching to the bathroom faster than anything... go figure!)
A newly organized room (neatly labeled and all!!)
Each individual child's happy face as they get out of bed and come running into my arms each morning
(that is, when I haven't just layed my head on the pillow from an all night feeding frenzy with the baby...)
Snuggling a new born
A silent house filled with sleeping children after a very chaotic day
Finding the perfect song to add to a slide show
Nailing a new combination in step class, cueing and all
Lying in bed, knowing I can finally close my eyes and sleep
Hitting 'send' on a final project to be emailed
Finding something I thought was lost and gone forever
Getting up early to work out, and knowing I am done with the gym for the day, before the kids even got up
Teaching a really good lesson and knowing the participants 'got it'
Reading a really thought-provoking book
A perfect spring ski day on the mountain, followed by a sit in the hot tub
Nailing the 'dock hop' start to a perfect waterski run
Getting the perfect block on a very annoying outside hitter in a heated volleyball match
(and trying hard not to gloat just a bit about it...)
Snuggling with my hubby
A long hello kiss after being apart (from the hubby, of course!)
Late night chats with family and friends
(ala Spanish inquisition. There. I said it. I like it. And I'm okay with that, even if Michelle does mock it ;) ).
Well written and fantastically casted chick flick
(especially if said chick flick is not being mocked by dear hubby...)
Finding the perfect gift for someone, and then being there to watch their face when they open it
'deep thought' questions from my kids
A beautiful Sunset
A walk in the mountains
(especially lovely when accompanied by an engagement ring...)
Raindrops on Roses
Whiskers on Kittens
(so long someone ELSE is caring for said kitten...)


Shan said...

Loved your favorites list. Some day I would like to see your water ski starts - teach me, please. And I didn't know you did downhill skiing either, but it shouldn't surprise me coming from the land of snow and beautiful mountains. I haven't gone downhill skiing for so long.

I was really touched by your last blog, too, of your deeply heartfelt, tender feelings of your sweet daughter, your family, and motherhood.

Walt and Eileen said...

Ahh...that we could all put into words what you do so beautifully in this blog.
Love, Mom - Argentina

Robin Conner said...

Loved the list!