Thursday, February 19, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes...

It's amazing what I can learn from my kiddos...

We are at a time in life where funds are low and debts are high.  We oftentimes do 'creative meal-making' when we are getting to the end of a pay cycle and just trying to hold on to the next deposit time.

Yesterday was one of those 'creative meal' times.  I was walking around trying to find any combination of things to at least cover a majority of the food groups for dinner, (letting go of the fact that they actually had to compliment each other).  Here is what finally got put on the table:

Chicken Noodle Soup
Criss-cut french fries
Green beans
Sliced oranges
1/2 bag of croutons

[...side note: you should know that our rule with croutons (since our kiddos would eat them straight out of the bag, and nothing else on their plate given the chance), is that they can only have croutons over a salad (hey, we gotta get the greens in them somehow... I'm not above wheeling and dealing!!).  ]

So, as I am dishing up all of the randomness that is our dinner, (and dreaming of the day that I can actually go through the grocery checkout line without a pit in my stomach over the bill)  the kids see the croutons get put on their plates (withOUT the salad underneath!), and Sarah asks, "Mommy, are we going to have some celery (her version of salad) also?"  Me, "Nope, these are to put on top of your soup"

Then Seth pops up, in his uber-excited voice, "What?!  We get to put croutons in our SOUP??  Not just on salad??  WOW, this must be a special occasion!!"

... and just like that, my 'wo is me' attitude got a complete overhaul as I saw a fun, exciting "special occasion" meal from the eyes of my sweet six-year old.

What would I do without my kiddos?


Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

That's right! What DO people do without children? Jen, we're thankful we had 7 or you wouldn't even be in our family. We love you and miss you, your husband and your kids, as well as the other sibs, spouses, and their kids.
Love, Grampa 'n Grama Mission

Robin Conner said...

So cute! Nothing like your child getting excited over croutons for dinner to make things seem okay! They are such a good example to us, that money isn't as important as we always think it is. They find such joy in the simple things. What a sweet boy! Thanks for sharing! Cute!

Jogusboy said...

that is adorable!

always remember that such joy can happen from creative meal making, a bag of croutons, and the optimism of a six-year-old.