Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 random things...

Okay, Josh - this one's for you :)  Here is my list of 25 things... 

1.  I have an incredibly guilty complex.  I constantly feel guilty over one thing or another... Gotta let it go, gotta let it go!!!

2.  I hate dirty feet.  But I also hate shoes.  Hence, I have been found many times reaching my feet up to the sink to wash them off... before I go back outside barefoot... :)

3.  I absolutely LOVE reading a good book (an am really good at neglecting pretty much everything else in the house while I am reading...), but I HAVE to read the end first to make sure that the good guys win.  Highly infuriating to some, I know... but hey - it's who I am :)

4.  I love that I got a degree in Nutrition - it's the best field ever!!  But I also don't have any desire to return to school.  Been there.  Done that.  Not really wanting to go back - studying would send me over the edge at this point I think!

5.  I have stressed about grades from day one of first grade to graduation day at BYU.  Seriously, I remember being stressed if I didn't get the "smarty cat" staples to my tests in first grade.  In Second grade, the first time I saw a -5 on one of my packets, I went to the bathroom at recess and cried.

6.  I am truly Horrible at Guitar Hero.  My 6 year olds can beat me in this game!!

7.  I have a husband who is the worlds wizard on the aforementioned guitar hero.  Opposites truly do attract!

8.  I was beat by my husband the first time we played DDR.  Seriously!!  Truth be told, I think he was secretly practicing before he gave it to me for Christmas last year, and then 'casually' asked for a 'friendly competition'...

9.  I LOVE to travel.  Anywhere.  Anytime.  For any reason.  I love family road trips - fun times!!

10.  I LOVE being with extended family.  Late night talks.  Reminiscing.  Laughing until our cheeks hurt.  I can't get enough.  I get really down when I haven't seen/talked/visited with family for an extended period of time.

11.  I love my kids more than I can even describe in words.  They are my life.  

12.  I love my husband truly, madly, deeply.  He inspires me to new heights.

13.  I have a secret (okay... not so secret anymore...) dream to speak at education week and/or Time out for women.  Public speaking is such a rush for me.  In primary I used to get so excited when I got assigned a talk... and then I would 'act' like I didn't want to do it, because that's what everyone else did...

14.  I love writing - it's my outlet.  I have a constant dialogue for various books going on inside my head all the time. 

15.  I live much of my life with a narrative voice (picture the tv show "scrubs" with all of the crazy day dreams that JD has... yep - happens all the time in my head - only not quite as crude as some of his... :)  ).

16.  I can get reduced to tears in seconds upon hearing sad stories about kids.  There's something that hits me hard to hear about children suffering - I guess I think that if it can happen to someone else, there is a possibility it could happen to my children.

17.  I agree with people too much.  I don't want to rock the boat, so I'll simply smile and nod as they are saying something that may be completely different to my own thoughts on the subject.

18.  I often get my best inspiration for presentations within the hour before I give them.  In fact, it's really hard for me to prepare things ahead of time.  Sunday lessons - my best work gets done Saturday night.  Monday morning radio show?  My best work gets done as I am driving to the radio station... wierd, I know!

19.  I sometimes wake up in the night with random, non-essential worries.  (The last one was after we had looked at a home with vaulted ceilings.  2:00 am, I suddenly wake up and think, "how in the world am I going to change the light bulbs in that house??!)

20.  I am a 'toppings' girl.  Love the frosting... could pass on the cake.  Love the hot fudge.. could pass on the ice cream... (although I do like a good, gooey ice cream at times!), like the whipped topping better than the pie... I like the 'crumbly topping' better than the actual muffin... I'll eat out the chocolate chips and leave the rest of the cookie... well you get the idea...

21.  I love to snuggle with my kids.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  For any reason.

22.  I have been known to be a bit... ummm.... 'overly excitable'  (aka - drama queen...).  Yes, I get excited.  Yes, I get emotional.  And Yes, I have passed that trait on to a couple of kiddos...

23.  I love snow... until Christmas.  December 26, BRING ON SPRING!!!

24.  Fall is my favorite time of year... the crisp night air, the gorgeous leaves, schools starting, kids excitement, holiday planning.... love it love it love it!

25.  Sometimes I feel like I'm the worst mom in the history of motherhood, and yet so lucky to have such great kids surrounding me.  It's amazing what they can learn in spite of some of my craziness!


Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

Great list, Jen. You must write that book(s) someday soon. You were writing great stories from the time you learned to print in first grade.
We tried to tell you every paper for school didn't have to be perfect but it was in your DNA, which led up to valedictorian.
Love, Mom

Anne said...

How GREAT to catch up with your family a bit. I'm a horrible friend and don't write, send Christmas cards, call, etc... but I do remember and believe it or not, I do care!

Send me an email some time and we'll catch up.

P.S. You look amazing!

Shan said...

It was a great list. These were fun, Jen. I'll be excited for your books, too. And your blog background is very fun and festive. Love it!