Monday, December 3, 2012

Welcome Welcome, Little Adam

Introducing our newest Brewer Babe...

Adam Walter Brewer
Born: November 9, 2012
Stats:  7 lb 15 oz  20 3/4 inches long
Birth Story... quite hilarious, and daddy got redeemed after not believing mom was in labor with last baby... he had to convince me to go into the hospital (sitting in the parking lot telling him I was going to get sent home, and I was even embarrassed to take my bags in... trying to talk him into going shopping at Kohls!)... finally go in - at a 5, then 15 min later at a 9 - to which he lovingly whispered in my ear, "aren't you glad we aren't in a dressing room??!"

And just a short while later, little Adam made his grand entrance into the world...

And of course, we had to outfit him in the 'right' gear :) 

 So small and snuggly!

Jerry's department photographer came in and took to shots of Adam - she did an amazing job!  He was less than 24 hours old in these shots!

 Daddy's first snuggle with Adam

Daddy trying to give Adam a taste of the finer things in life... a DQ Blizzard!

Seth the proud big brother (and Josh the eager little big brother!)

Josh finally gets his turn!

Sarah marveling as how small everything is on Adam!  ("look at his tiny toes!")

Ben couldn't get enough of Adam (and still is the first one in our room in the morning to hold him!)

Elizabeth loves her new 'living doll'!

The ever-expanding crew :)

Adam in all his BYU glory

From a great photo shoot with ubber talented photographer friend, Jolene Reed :)

Welcome to the world, Adam - We sure do love you!!

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Sue Howe said...

How precious! I love seeing these pictures of Adam. What a good baby! Thank you Jen for posting these pictures. I love and miss you all so much! Take good care of each other! Love you all so much!