Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guatemalan bicycle caravans have nothen on us!!


The Brewer Bicycle Caravan...

Yes, that is Jerry...
   Carting Ben...
        Who is carting Josh and Liz...

Rochester is a land of many trails
     Most of which have gone unexplored by us in our 5+ years of living here.
So for date night last night, we decided to explore one.
Jerry was instantly hooked
   (I've been hooked for a few years and dying to get some bikes for us so we could go on rides with the kiddos)

So after our little walk and yummy Panera dinner (another first for us... I know, I know we are WAY behind on the 'hip' soup and sandwich shops!),
We saw that we still had about 45 minutes to spare, so we decided to do a quick 'browsing of bikes'...

... which lasted about 1 1/2 hours...
... and had us walking out of the store with not one, but TWO bikes, a bike trailer, a bike pump, and some bike water bottles (ya know, for our extra long bike trips we are sure to take...).

... THANK GOODNESS for end of summer clearance sales!! (seriously cheap, folks!)

We were so giddy, we put everything together right when we got home last night, and could hardly wait to show the kiddos (in fact, Jerry had them out in the garage at 6:30 in the morning showing them!).

... and we spent most of the morning

going on ride

after ride

after ride

Now, if someone could just order a little extra side of summer, we would much appreciate it, thanks!


Hanne said...

ok, so you posted this at 11:55AM, and I saw you after 7 PM - still biking! Crazy lady! You don't even need to come work out at the Y anymore!

Walt and Eileen said...

What family fun!!!
Way to go!
Love, G/G Mission - I D A H O

Sue Howe said...

What FUN!!!!!