Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who pushed fast forward??

For some reason, this summer zoomed by more quickly then most
Remember my big post about white space??  
Well, I found it.
I found it in a lack of ANY scheduled activity for the kiddos 
(except for one swimming lesson session, which about killed us after so much fun-unstructured time)
I found it in mornings spent lounging around the house reading books and playing games
I found it in crazy swimming pool afternoons
I found it in listening to the squeals and giggle from the yard as the sprinklers found their targets
I found it in late night family movies, complete with popcorn and snuggling
I found it in mini-getaways to the dells, parks, and libraries.
This summer was like one big Ahhhh.

And now, we are on our way back to the books
Back to the schedules
Back to early bed times
And early violin lessons
And crazy drop off and pick up routines
And homework assignments
And test stress-studying
And new friend finding...

But we did get to take one last moment,
thanks to super-uber talented friend (that would be YOU, Jolene!)
To relish in the final mix of summer and school...

Yes, she did lug this fun desk out into the beautiful green field
 to get some back to school shots of the kiddos.

And when I got the disk, I almost had to do a double take at how old my little ones have become.

... Where was I when they suddenly zoomed from toddling twos

to fun fashionistas??

Seriously, folks, who stole my little boy Ben...
... and replaced him with this suddenly too-grown-up-look-alike??

Joshy has been doing the pre-school-potty chant for a month now...
as in, "I want to go to preschool, so I go potty in my potty!"
... yes, this mama has resorted to threats ("Joshy, if you want to go to school like a big boy, you HAVE to go pee in the potty!!"), and treats (hey, in this household, three treats before breakfast is a GOOD thing... it means less mess for mom to clean up in places other than the toilet!)

And little Lizzy?...

... well, at the rate she's going, I wouldn't be surprised to see her follow 
the kiddos right into their classrooms come the first day of school!

As they gear up for the fun adventure of a brand new school year, I find myself already choked up a wee bit at the prospect of seeing this barrage of backpacks work its way out of our front door.

... so c'mon, fess up... which one of you ordered the super speedy summer to go this year??!


Jolene said...

So cute! I am glad that you like your pictures! I too think that our kids are growing way to fast!

Robin Conner said...

Such cute school pictures of the kiddos! They are growing up too fast! Little Elizabeth is so scrumptious!

Shan said...

Fun photos of the kids! Loved the one of them holding hands - oh, they have grown so much!!