Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome home!!

Elizabeth Jane Brewer
Born 11/2/09
9 lb. 6 oz.
20 3/4 inches

Here she is, all dolled up and ready to hit the real world!!

Daddy with Elizabeth in the car seat, which suddenly made her look very tiny!

The official 'home entrance' scene

Bailey sniffing out the newest member of the pack...

Elizabeth was welcomed home by a forest of flowers.
Thank you so much Gramma& Grampa Mission and Gramma Sue and Grampa Steve!

... just a random shot of Elizabeth with her eyes open...

Life is good... and crazy all at the same time. She has already wrapped us all around here tiny little finger. Her brothers are completely enamored by her, and Sarah has her next years wardrobe already planned out. Needless to say, she is well loved!!


Hanne said...

She is beautiful Jen! And you look absolutely amazing!
Can't wait to meet her in person!
Love the name you picked too!
Now, get off the computer and go to bed:)
From Hanne and the rest of Kids Care!

Bob said...

Congratulations, Brewers! Elizabeth Jane is such a cute baby. Hope you are feeling alright, Jen. -Adrienne

Shan said...

Hello little Elizabeth!! Yay that you're here - so very precious. Congratulations to all of you. Your flowers were pretty, too. Hope you're on the mend soon, too, Jen.

Julie said...

Love it! Yeah- now you have enough time to recover to make Thanksgiving dinner - teehee! She is beautiful and glad she has a name. Love that Sarah is taking care of her.

waltandeileen said...

Fun homecoming for your precious baby girl - Elizabeth Jane. And we agree, Jen get some rest.
Love, Grama 'n Grampa Mission - Argentina

Robin Conner said...

She is so beautiful! I'm glad you're home now and can get in your own bed! She already has scrumptious cheeks! Those cheeks are going to get lots of kisses! Get rest when you can! You guys did great! I love the name! Very cute!

Cynthia said...

Congratulations, Brewers! She is absolutely beautiful!! Hopefully everyone gets adjusted smoothly and happily... and restfully. :)