Monday, August 3, 2009

Ahhhhh.... Zion!!

... so we have just finished another leg on our ubber long, incredibly crazy summer extravaganza... and yep, Idaho is just as incredible as ever!!

... just to fill in a wee bit, since I have pretty much been out of cyber-world for what seems like eons...
   We took off on July 10, drove across the country, stopping to take a gander at Mt. Rushmore (can I just say, AMAZING??!! - it literally blew me away... but that's a subject for a whole 'nuther post!...)... then ended up in Vernal with Jerry's parent's for a few days.
   From there we were onto Utah for the anual WEPR, minus the WE part (which we missed GREATLY, mom and dad!!!).  (Translation: WEPR is the Walt and Eileen Petersen Reunion, for those outside of my crazy clan...)  We can't wait for next year when you get to be in on all of the family happenings!
   After the reunion, Jerry flew back home to fullfill his 'providing for the family duties' and I stayed behind to fullfill some of the 'fun recreational activities' duties, staying in Utah a bit more, (Julie and her fun ideas had the kiddos all excited to have a 'real' Movie night!!  Your creativity astounds me, Julie!!)  and then heading up north to the land of ZION (aka Idaho!).
   We did a TEN day stint in Idaho, and can I just say, Janie, you are a SAINT!!!  The fact that you can take in 5 MORE bodies, besides the EIGHT that you already have under your roof for that long, and STILL have a smile on your face on day ten is truly an incredible feat in and of itself, but more then that she had activities for us to do pretty much every day, from splash park spashing, to carousel riding, to water park venturing, to zoo gandering, to early morning gym sweating, to temple attending, to back yard pooling, to fire pit s'moring, to yummy ice cream making, to garage big screen movie viewing, to YELLOWSTONE wandering, to birthday celebrating, to education week attending (with your kiddos and hubby graciously brewer baby watching!!)  WOW what a time!!!  I hope you got one HUGE nap when we finally removed our clan from your abode!!!   Phew - that was a truly incredible 1 1/2 weeks!!  (Oh, and Seth is STILL pretty bitter that we can't just 'run' back up to Rexburg to play with Michael and Sam!)
    ... Jerry flew back in to Idaho Falls, and we finally left the Fishers in peace on Saturday, heading to Utah once more, and stopping off just long enough to leave the kiddos with Steve and Nat (again, HUGE thank you!!!) to head to a Peter Breinholt Concert - the first one we have been able to attend in TEN years, since we attended our first concert of his together on our first date after our 'break-up' phase... (did you get all of that?!)... and even (thanks to a little pre-concert emailing), got his song "Grow Old Along With Me" dedicated to my incredible hubby!!  Fun night all around!!
... then we got up bright and early and headed SOUTH to ARIZONA.  Okay, don't ask me why we thought it was such a good idea to leave Beautiful, Plush, Green, Temperate, Minnesota in AUGUST to spend a few weeks in Arid, Hot, Brown, did I mention HOT?!  Arizona... but here we are... and actually having a great time!   ... then again it helps that the pool is a whole 20 feel from our apartment here... and the air-conditioning cost is covered by Mayo :).
    So that's our not-so-little update for now... just hangin loose, and LOVING summer!!  Hope things are great in your neck of the woods... :)


sarah said...

Glad you are havng fun. You are missed :)

Julie said...

Glad you had a great time - can't believe you are all ready in Arizona. Crazy! Have fun at the pool.

Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

Thanks for blogging along at the pace of your summer adventures! Loved hearing the details. Janie said you both learned/shared incredible insights at the BYU-Idaho Education Week.
Yes, we're also having some adventures in our neck of the woods way down South--as in near the Antarctic.
Love, Mom & Dad - Argentina