Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boys, boys, boys

It seems like ever since I have learned that we are having a boy, I have been acutely aware of the decibel difference between the genders.  

At one point we were in the van driving - with the girls in the middle and boys in the back.  There was not a peep coming from the middle row, but you would never be able to tell, because the raucous from the back was filling every square inch of the car.  Hubby and I started laughing when we realized that for a good 30 seconds, the sounds were not audible words, but rather 'blasts' and 'shots' and 'light saber zaps,' with the occasional 'hi-yah' and 'ahhhh' thrown in.

Yep - boys come with their own sound system intact, and in the 10 years since we have been privileged to parent boys, I have yet to find a volume control - just one switch... on/off.

At times, it's hard to tell if they are just play fighting, or if it has once again crossed the line from 'brotherly love' to 'brotherly brawl' 

... and I sometimes wonder if they are really friends, or just see each other as moving target practice.

At night, however, after all is said and done.

And the sweet silence of sleep envelops the second floor.

It both makes me laugh, and warms my heart to walk by the bigger bed room (with enough bed space for three people)

 To find it empty...

and then walk into the smaller room to find all three bodies huddled together for the night.

... and I am once again renewed in the hope that we just may survive adding a 4th boy after all.


Robin Conner said...

Love it!!! Boys do in fact come with their own sound system! So funny! And yet so annoying!! but cute! When visiting Darren's brother who has a 16 year old boy, we noticed very quickly that the "sounds" are never grown out of! I was saddened to think that the "noises" my boys make, will not only continue, but just get louder and more obnoxious! Here's to many more years of BOYS!!!

Shan said...

Love that photo of the three in one bed! Adorable! So funny about all of their noises. We want some boys...You can always loan them out to us when their high volume button gets stuck! ;-)

Walt and Eileen said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. And this is s fun blog about your
Love, Mom & Dad - San Salvador

Julie said...

cant wait to see you guys!!!1