Monday, April 20, 2009


I am not naive enough to think that my children are going to get along harmoniously perfect their entire lives... so I am posting these pictures for that day when they 'can't stand the sight of each other'... simply to show them that there was a time when they, indeed, loved to be together...

When I had them come together to take this picture (since I forgot to take Easter Pictures, consider these our pseudo "Happy Easter" pics...), they all spontaneously grabbed hands - definitely a tender heart moment for mommy :).

Exhibit B...
As we were waiting to head out to church, Sarah had me draw these letters for her, then she colored them, and presented the poster to Seth.  When we got back from Church, Seth quickly wrote the other little note, and presented it back to Sarah.  Yep, heart melting moments... :)


Robin Conner said...

Very cute pic of the kids. They are getting way too big already! i can't believe how big Josh is. He is the cutest little thing ever!

Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

I can just see the mischief coming out of Josh's eyes! I agree with Robin...they're growing up so fast...think what they will be in a year when we return!
Yes, precious the heartwarming times are worth all the work and worry of raising children.
Jewels in the mothers' and fathers' eternal crowns.
We love you all!
Love, Mom & Dad Petersen - Argentina